(Level I.)

An Introductory course for the elementary understanding of the concept. The basic training course gives a broad idea of the main goals, techniques and principles that played part in forming the unique PortDeBrasTM training method – a course combining functional and dynamic traction with sets of hand and arm-related activity.


This course provides an initial understanding of the PortDeBras™ method.

The goal of a workshop is to familiarize instructors and PortDeBras™ instructors-to-be with the very basics of the PortDeBras™ concept. During the workshop one studies sequences along with practicing the methodology and proper movement technique.

It has everything you need to start working successfully in this direction.

“The practical material tested over the years turns into an invaluable experience that allows you to adapt the entire arsenal of knowledge and skills to any conditions, to any audience. This allows you to totally feel, see, hear and control the process of knowledge transfer at the level of instinct, the depth of natural understanding.” Vladimir Snezhik (author of PortDeBras)

PortDeBrasTM ParTerre

A unique system of exercises on the floor, based on rehabilitation, taking into account many years of experience working with various categories of clients within the framework of group programs and their own methods of recovery. The ParTerre technique includes fresh ideas and a special approach to working with the client’s body and movement. Movement, as the basis of directed action on muscle tissues, internal organs, joints and the neuromuscular system, by multidirectional and spiral extensions and stresses.


This course features a selection of functional and restorative exercises using an elastic body band. The unique PortDeBrasTM Band training program effectively targets most muscle groups, safely stretching and toning them without harming the tissue. Constant muscle tension along with dynamic movement lead to a high result within a short period of time.


This course features a system of exercises on a large fitball. Repeating the usual integrated stretching methods in a spiral sequence improves the metabolic processes of the body, the overall quality of spinal movement and allows to achieve outstanding results in treating back pains and neuromuscular issues.

PortDeBrasTM BAR

This course combines regular training with barre exercises. The choreographic component is adapted for clients regardless of fitness level.


Additional training within the PortDeBras concept covering sequences with the towel.

During the workshop one studies sequences along with practicing the methodology and proper movement technique.


12. - 13. October 2024
PortDeBras™ Basic
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