PortDeBras™ is an original training program that is based on smooth movement, developing strength and flexibility at the same time. It improves the correct involvement of deep and superficial muscles during daily movement.

PortDeBras™ is an exercise system based on functional and dynamic stretching, combined hand work. It is offered as a restorative and rehabilitation activity, including for the back. Develops joint mobility, muscle strength and flexibility, movement skills and techniques. The ability to harmoniously and fully use the body’s ability to move.

The main idea of the method PortDeBras™ – is to create a unique system of exercises that is accessible to people, regardless of their skills and age. At the same time able to use movement as an amazing body therapy. Practice as a system of exercises that effectively improves the biomechanics of movement and physiology of the body, changing our consciousness to perfection and harmony.


21. April 2024
icon place Bratislava, Slovakia
icon place ballova.helena@gmail.com

This course provides an initial understanding of the PortDeBras™ method. It has everything you need to start working successfully in this direction.

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